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About Us

Strange Tributes was created as a tribute page to outstanding tributes to superstars, songs, movies, tv shows, etc.


Comments on: "About Us" (6)

  1. I like your blog site, it’s different and entertaining.

  2. Hmmm… So you’ve got quite a collection!

  3. Dude. Can’t say I totally “got” it at first view– but a couple of seconds later, the realization that “Yes. This is a blog dedicated to those weird montage videos” kicked in. I will be sending a link to my brother (obsessed with America’s Funniest Videos, so you KNOW he’ll be a fan), and quite a few others.

    Sidenote– I am not sure how one searches these videos out, but AM sure I wouldn’t enjoy the process. 😉 That having been said, I could see becoming obsessed with finding them myself… but, now, I can rest easy & leave it up to you. Cheers!

    • Ha thanks! My friends and I have always shared a love for these types of videos. Glad you enjoyed them!

    • purpledahlia said:

      agree w/everyone – took me a minute to get it too, looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

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